Day 24: Hiking to the Blue Eye

Tuesday 20th September

Having survived the night through a combination of lashing around in the bed and thinking warm thoughts, the most important thing to do was to find a way of getting back out of the valley without having to cycle up the gravel road I came in on…

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Day 23: Albania’s “Accursed Mountains”

Monday 19th September

Having arrived in Albania with a vague plan of getting down to Tirana and then across to Lake Ohrid, but always with a heavy dose of doubt in my mind due to the quality of the roads, I was definitely taking things as they came. Having arrived in Shkoder and found out it was not that far into the “Albanian Alps” or “Accursed Mountains”, I decided I would be stupid not to head in that direction.

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Day 17: (Insert Game of Thrones reference here)

Tuesday 13th September

So Dubrovnik may not be the best place to visit if, like me, you don’t like touristy places, don’t watch Game of Thrones, and you’re not hugely excited by the history of numerous churches. But, I do know a quaint looking old town when I see one, so I wasn’t going to miss out on a look round the Old Town of Dubrovnik.
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Day 16: Fatigue is setting in – Neum to Dubrovnik

Monday 12th September

Today was one of those days where after weeks of cycling and late nights the legs have just got nothing left to give. When I long for a common house fly to land on my shoe on the downstroke, it’s weight effectively doubling my power output. I’ve had these days before, when I don’t know how I’m going to make it the 12km home from work, but this time it was the 92km to Dubrovnik, and what turned out to be the biggest day of climbing yet…
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